Peter Yuan

Programmer, Designer & Linux Enthusiast



Code for NOVA

Weekly Extracurricular Arlington, Virginia
  • Contributed to Ingredient Guru project
  • Contributed to Home Library of Congress Project
  • Visited Department of Labor to see databases, servers and data forensics
  • Brigade Leader

Graphic Designer

Digital Animation & Graphic Communication Systems CTE Course and Hobby Arlington, Virginia
  • Client work for full-time academic programs at the Arlington Career Center
  • Arlington Public library tote bag design competition winner
  • Designed Arlington Career Center 2017-2018 yearbook cover

Selected Projects


Ingredient Guru

Code for NOVA
The goal of this project is to gameify healthy eating by providing users with information on food and recipes with data from the US Department of Agriculture.
  • Postgres Database Backend
  • Perl6 CRO framework Frontend

Home Library of Congress

Code for NOVA
This project aims to provide a home library system that can catalog user's books by querying the Library of Congress's catalog.
  • SQLite database used to organize and store books
  • Python script and API to query Library of Congress catalog


Middle School
  • Design competition
  • Placed second in state
  • Coached next year's state winner



Northern Virginia Community College; Dual Enrolled Student

Arlington Career Center Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia
  • 2018 ITE 115 Intro Computer Application/Concepts; 3 credits
  • 2018 ITD 110 Web Page Design I; 3 credits
  • 2019 ITD 256 Advanced Database Management; 3 credits
  • 2019 ITD 260 Data Modeling & Design; 3 credits
  • 2019 ITP 115 Software Design; 3 credits

Arlington Tech; Advanced High School Diploma expected June 2021

Arlington Career Center Arlington, Virginia
Arlington Tech is a rigorous, project-based learning, high school program at the Arlington Career Center that prepares students to succeed in college and in the workplace through collaborative problem solving.
CTE Courses
  • Digital Animation & Graphic Communication Systems; Photoshop Certified
  • Advanced Database Design
  • Introduction to Computer Programing; Microsoft 98-381 Certification
  • Web Page Design I
  • Web Page Design II